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New office spaces in the heart of Bratislava

In the center of Bratislava's Old Town, new Class A1 office spaces are emerging as part of the multifunctional development Vydrica beneath Bratislava Castle. This ambitious project, encompassing residential and commercial spaces, commenced in 2022 and is set to conclude by 2028.

Investor Vydrica Development has begun selling office spaces tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. Vydrica Offices, situated near the Danube River waterfront, spans five above-ground floors, with offices occupying four of them. Office spaces range from 250 to 550 square meters.

In addition to offices, the building offers retail spaces of 130 and 180 square meters on the ground floor, along with options for purchasing garage parking and storage spaces. Facilities such as bicycle storage and employee locker rooms with sanitary amenities are also available.

The building features 28 parking spaces for sale on one floor, with additional rental options in another building. Visitor management will be handled by an electronic reception with an integrated system.

"We are gradually filling retail and office spaces with brands such as Yeme groceries and Slovak company XIMEA, known for producing cutting-edge cameras. In the coming weeks, we will continue to introduce additional brands that will make Vydrica an exceptionally attractive place to live and work." - Pavel Baslík, representative of Vydrica Development.

The Vydrica project builds upon the successful implementation of residential, commercial, and retail developments in the neighboring Zuckermandel area, completed by developer JTRE in 2017. Both Vydrica and Zuckermandel contribute to the ongoing revitalization of the Old Town, divided by the SNP Bridge.

Source: Vydrica Development