Revival of Delayed Projects: Prešovská Complex Receives Green Light from City Hall

Returning to the forefront is the project in the Prešovská Street area, which has been long suspended due to disagreements with the public. The new investor of the project is the company Fundus s.r.o., closely associated with the construction firm Hornex with architectural documentation handled by Peter Kucharovič. The complex will include an administrative building and a residential building, both standing on a common underground base with a double-level underground parking. The administrative building is planned to have eight floors, while the residential building will have thirteen floors.

In the basement, parking spaces, storage and technical rooms, as well as facilities for the operations in the above-ground part of the building, will be located. On the ground floor of the administrative building, entrance areas, a restaurant, and leasable commercial spaces are planned. In the residential building, shops, a community center, and spaces for a kindergarten will be situated on the first floor. Above these levels, there will be apartments and flats.

The project aims to address the needs of the public and the environment. Transportation solutions include underground parking with over 240 spaces and facilities for cyclists. Additionally, adjustments to the sidewalk on Prešovská Street are planned. The overall appearance of the complex is evolving, acquiring a modern and urban character.

Furthermore, the realization of the mixed-use Saida building project near Trnavská Street and Bajkalská Street is also commencing. This complex will consist of two buildings with different functional zones and will have a positive impact on the appearance of this part of Ružinov. Both projects indicate a new era for these areas, bringing along positive changes and modernization.

Source: / Peter Kucharovič